Marci Becker’s Hatha Yoga class is the perfect combination of strength training, balance work, stretching, flexibility, and shavasana.  It’s just the right mix of work and rest!  It pushes me, but not so hard that I feel like I can’t do yoga.  I can do yoga!, thanks to Marci’s style of teaching.  I came to yoga as a “mature” adult, not a young thing, so I appreciate her approach.  I know I am more flexible, I am more balanced, I am stronger – physically, mentally and spiritually – because I take her class.

Recently, I saw my internist for my annual physical.  My doctor did not ask how many times a week I exercise and for how long, she didn’t ask if I was still in a rowing class or doing long-distance walking (I am).  What she asked was “Are you still practicing yoga?”  I told her I’d be practicing yoga for the rest of my life.  Hopefully with Marci Becker.

― Sylvia McNair