How are you doing? No, really. I’d truly like to know the answer to that question….this is not small talk.

How are you? In your body…..your mind….your heart?

We live in a hectic, busy society that doesn’t ever encourage us or even allow space for us to slow down and ask that question. So, I invite you now to do just that. Take a breath. Check in with yourself. See what’s real.

If what you find is not what you desire, Marci would love to work with you as you move toward that desire. She is a certified Health & Wellness coach, as well as an experience Yoga Teacher and she loves to help people. Work with her to discover yourself on a deeper level and begin your journey to the life of which you may have never slowed down long enough to dream.

Health & Wellness coaching can be transformational! Learn more HERE.

Yoga is the perfect activity to help you stay centered and balanced for this fast-paced world in which we live. Marci Becker is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, an experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT 200), & a continuing education provider through Yoga Alliance (YACEP). She leads a variety of classes in group settings and teaches workshops that allow practitioners to dive deeper. Private sessions can be tailored to your specific needs entirely. Check the schedule for all the open classes or contact Marci directly for private sessions!

Even if you’ve never thought you could do yoga, practicing with Marci will make a believer out of you. Some seek yoga practice for physical exercise, others for stress relief, and still others for increased balance and flexibility. Countless young and old around the world reap its benefits daily.  Regardless of what brings you to class, stretching and strength-building postures, breath awareness, and short meditations are just what your mind, body, and soul need.

“I’ve known Marci since she went through the 200 hour teacher training at Cityoga with us in 2010. My experience with her then and has continued to be, is that she is genuine, dedicated and truly cares about people. This coupled with her commitment to providing a physically and emotionally safe class makes her the … Continue reading Marsha Pappas Director of Teacher Training at Cityoga

Marsha Pappas Director of Teacher Training at Cityoga

I thoroughly enjoy Marci‚Äôs teaching style. My yoga practice has been greatly improved by attending her classes. Her instruction is easy to understand, and her calm demeanor is welcoming. Marci’s classes offer a safe space for beginners combined with elements of challenge for experienced yogis. Whatever experience my body needs on any given day, I … Continue reading With gratitude, Marci’s number one fan, Amy Shrake

With gratitude, Marci’s number one fan, Amy Shrake

I have had the privilege of practicing yoga under Marci’s leadership for the past several years. Marci has a centered and calming approach to starting and deepening your practice. She meets you on the mat wherever you are, and helps you reach where you are headed. Marci makes yoga accessible to all, and every time … Continue reading Kerry Thomson

Kerry Thomson

Marci Becker is a great asset to your studio!!!!

Michael G.

The instructor is excellent in creating a calming atmosphere.

Anne T.